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    Gymnastics Starter Bundle

    Fantastic trio of gymnastics products aimed at children starting out in gymnastics.

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    Trio Book Bundle

    Talk about gymnastics overload….this package features our three instructional books –  Volume 1: Floor Skills, Volume 2: Pair and Trio Balances, Volume 3: Floor Beam!

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  • Gymnastics Beam Brilliance Bundle

    This is the third in our Instructional Book Series. This time, Gymnastics Expert Gemma Coles covers some more advanced skills, as well as the basics of the Floor Beam. The Book & DVD together really compliment each other, having both of these is sure to accelerate your development on the Floor Beam.

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    The Ultimate Gymnastics Gift Package!

    My Gymnastics Journey:

    This is the ultimate companion journal for every budding gymnast. Inside you will find everything you need to keep track of your gymnastics journey: training reflections, inspirations & role models, my thoughts, design your own leotard, and much more!

    Join Gymnastics Storybook:

    This gymnastics storybook is inspired by real-life class experiences to which we can all relate, adults and children alike. Two young, apprehensive gymnasts step foot into what would appear to be a daunting new experience; their first gymnastics lesson, only to find that all is not as overwhelming as it would first appear. In no time at all Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack make new friendships, gain confidence and learn new skills leaving them excited to return again.

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    Gymnastics Birthday Package!

    Looking for some gymnastics gifts for a gymnastics stocking filler? You’ve come to the right place….this gymnastics stocking filler package is sure to be the best gymnastics gift package you can buy for your budding gymnast this year, the contents found in here are sure to keep them ‘head over heels’ for hours on end.

    This Includes:

    • Volume 1: Floor Skills (Book & DVD)
    • ‘My Gymnastics Journal’ (our new companion and training reflection journal)
    • ‘Join Gymnastics’ Fictional Storybook (overcoming challenges and trying new things)
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