Gymnastics Workshops

Looking to pump some new ideas into your gymnastics’ lessons and gain some FREE resources? Would you like to be able to break Gymnastics skills down in to bite size activities to make them harder or easier to achieve? Need to challenge your pupils, but are unsure of the technical teaching points? Well look no further we are putting on a one day course packed with top tips and insider knowledge.  Led by our gymnastics specialist Gemma Coles who has 18 years of Gymnastics Coaching experience. Our aim is that by the end of the course the only question remaining will be… which skill will you try first?

At the end of the event, you will have an understanding of:

    • Fundamental gymnastics shapes and how to incorporate them into engaging games.
    • Hand apparatus activities – Bean Bags, Feathers, Hoops etc
    • Gymnastics skills are broken down and extended to suit all pupils.
    • Vaulting and jumping
    • Partner and trio balances
    • Planning lessons
    • FREE Posters detailing all the fundamental gymnastics skills
  • FREE Head Over Heels Gymnastics Floor Skills Book

*The host school for this event gets three teaches on the course for FREE as well as free gymnastics resources for their school to use in their PE lessons. Minimum bookings apply.

Once you have filled in the contact form below, we will then send an invoice to your school prior to the event and confirm your place.

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Fill in the details below to apply for your school to have their own gymnastics masterclass or if you have any other questions regarding this course.
We need to know your Schools Address and when you would like to have this at your school (if you are looking to host this event)!
Course Dates, Upcoming & Past:
  1. October 2017 – Dubai Connected PE Workshops (Finished)
  2. 9th April 2018 – Bournemouth (Finished)
  3. 3rd October 2018 – Bournemouth (Finished)
  4. 17th October 2018 – Bournemouth (Finished)
  5. 16th – 18th November – Hong Kong Mini-Workshops (Finished)
  6. 30th November 2018 – Christchurch (Finished)
  7. 23rd October 2019 Bournemouth
  8. October 2019 – Sheffield TBC

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