Volume 1: Gymnastics Floor Skills Book

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Whether you’re a coach, PE teacher, parent or even a young gymnast yourself, this book contains everything you need to know about developing a range of essential gymnastics skills. The book is clearly described and illustrated. Emphasis is placed on clear, practical instructions.

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“Firstly, can I say something brilliant about this book, hot diggerty, it stands up on its own! This means that the kiddies can prop it up on the table with on its own little stand and see it properly to practice their gymnastic moves without having to keep stopping to pick the book up.

What a marvellous idea!

Inside, the books are packed full of gymnastics activities for your energetic little-ones to try out and master. The books have been heralded for their modern format with full-colour photographs clearly demonstrating the correct body positions and techniques.

This could easily be an unsupervised task but then again, there’s no upper age limit on these moves – it may be that you end up learning and practicing routines alongside your much bendier child!”

The author is clearly passionate about gymnastics and this permeates throughout the book as her knowledge and expertise shine through. The book provides a fantastic accompaniment to any gymnastic class and even offers pointers to children and parents who may want to try out some of the simpler moves at home before progressing.

What’s Inside: This book begins with example warmups and stretches, moving on to cover posture and all basic gymnastics shapes, which are instrumental in performing more complex skills. These skills are then covered in the next sections; ‘Jumps’, ‘Skills’, ‘Rolls’ and ‘Leaps’. Bringing all of these skills together, the book then demonstrates how combined, these skills can be used to create routines.

Age & Ability: This edition is aimed at children aged 5+ it is a must-have for gymnasts starting out in their gymnastics career and wanting to perfect the fundamental skills.

Key Skills Developed: Strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, confidence, improved body awareness & control.

Why You Should Buy This Book:

  • The format of the book makes it very easy to learn gymnastics skills.
  • The graphics are of a high quality throughout, enhanced by the photographs of gymnasts at various stages of each move.
  • Detailed notes are visually appealing and provide all the directions needed to start, master a move and refine technique.
  • The book can be used in a range of situations, from children practicing at home to school and club sessions.
  • The format makes it useful if you are either encountering new skills or wanting to develop or refine existing skills.
  • This book offers endless opportunities for those wanting to learn or teach gymnastics skills.
  • A great resource for coaches, teachers and parents, covering the fundamentals of gymnastics.

3 reviews for Volume 1: Gymnastics Floor Skills Book

  1. Sarah Sendall

    Brilliant book. My daughter loves it. It has helped her progress with her weekly lessons and has boosted her confidence as I can show her a photo of her doing it so she can see she matches!
    Next on the list is the dvds and the floor beam book!

    • Gemma

      We are thrilled you and your daughter finds it so useful, please send us a picture of her in action and we will add it to the product page.

  2. ShaunSwadling

    Amazing book! Simple and concise breakdown of the basic fundamentals of gymnastics. We use it to help out beginner coaches and our young gymnasts. Really well presented with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  3. Will Gillingham

    This book is a phenomenal introduction to gymnastic floor skills. It covers a wide range of the entry-level basics, such as cartwheels, handstands, and forward-rolls, and as such, is an ideal complement for those children who are beginning to take an interest in gymnastics.
    The most prominent feature, and strength, of the book is its accessibility. No prior knowledge of gymnastics is required, as several pages at the beginning are dedicated to appropriate warm-ups and stretches which are recommended before performing gymnastic skills, while also explaining why these are necessary.

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