About the Author

Gemma Coles lives in Bournemouth with her husband and three children, where she runs a successful recreational Gymnastics Club; Head Over Heels Gymnastics founded in 2000. Gemma was a child that spent most of her time upside down, mad about ‘Gymnastics’ and this enthusiasm has never left her. Gemma is extremely passionate about grassroots gymnastics and loves to teach not only the stars of the future but those less confident.gemma-coles-picture-web


Head Over Heels Gymnastics

Head Over Heels Gymnastics is the creation of our founder Gemma Coles. Who has taken her 20 years of gymnastics coaching knowledge and passionately created a user-friendly selection of Books DVDs and Apps, that we are now hugely proud to be able to offer you.

The Instructional Gymnastics Series

‘Head Over Heels Gymnastics’ is a child-friendly instructional gymnastics series comprised of Books, DVD’s & an App that provides step-by-step instructions and top tips explaining how to perform a large variety of fundamental gymnastic skills. This is achieved through simple but concise language and professional photography/film demonstrating the exemplary technique of each skill.

Whether you’re a coach, PE teacher, parent or even a budding gymnast yourself, our range of gymnastics guides contain everything you need to know about developing the essential skills which provide the foundations for your gymnastics career.

The clips in our DVDs break down the skills in detail with slow-motion features for the more advanced skills. The featured gymnasts range in ability and provide achievable gymnastics results whether you are new to the sport or an advanced gymnast.

The books have been thoughtfully designed so that they stand up on their own, allowing the reader to easily refer to the pictures and tips whilst performing the skills. The Apps have also been designed to only be used in landscape so that the user is encouraged to stand the tablet up for reference.

Our Aims:

  1. To increase global participation in sports, particularly gymnastics.
  2. To improve the standard of gymnastics by providing easy to use and engaging resources.
  3. To improve the quality of gymnastics teaching within schools and help PE teachers feel less intimidated with teaching gymnastics.

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