Fun’nastics Package – Game & Storybook


This ‘Fun’nastics Package – Game & Storybook is a perfect combination for preparing a beginner gymnasts body and mind for the world of gymnastics.

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This head over heels game and storybook will enthuse your young budding gymnast to overcome anxiety with starting a gymnastics class and prepare their body for the gymnastics skills they will be completing.

Shuffle Up

Shuffle Up!’ Gymnastics Conditioning Game is designed to make fitness fun, encouraging children and adults of all ages and abilities to get moving and learn that exercise can be made enjoyable.

The fun starts with the 70+ skills cards that provide full-colour photographs, which clearly demonstrate the correct body positions and technique required for performing each exercise. The 14 games cards detail how to challenge yourself, your team of gymnasts, children in your class or even your parents! Can you be the Last One Standing, Fly The Nest or Race To The End first?

The skill and game cards are born out of years of gymnastics teaching and coaching experience with step-by-step guidelines for rep ranges and difficulty levels.

‘Shuffle Up!’ takes the core fundamentals of gymnastics strength and conditioning principles and makes them accessible to everyone. So get ready to ‘Shuffle Up!’ your fitness routine with new and exciting gymnastics activities suitable for all ages and levels.


Join Gymnastics follows two apprehensive children, Wendy, and Jack, as they attend their first gymnastics class. The book is fun and also is telling a story that children can do anything once they put their mind to it and try. Real-life class experiences inspire this gymnastics storybook.


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