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  • FREE Shuffle Up Gymnastics Game – Dice It Up!

    ‘Shuffle Up’ was designed to take the fundamental principles and skills of gymnastics strength & conditioning and make them more enjoyable and accessible. This FREE taster version has 6 of the 72 skills and 1 of the 14 games that the full game features. It has been designed by an experienced group of gymnastics coaches lead by Gemma Coles. Having used their vast experience to develop countless gymnasts, the coaches believe their skills should be accessible to all. This game can and should be used by anyone and everyone; from experienced coaches looking to mix things up, to teachers and parents who want to increase a child’s physical activity. So to get moving in fun and exciting ways, put on your gear, grab your crew and shuffle up!

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  • Gymnastics Floor Skills Poster Sample [Download]

    Download this free gymnastics floor skills poster sample of one section from our volume 1 book. Gymnastics floor skills help to build strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, confidence, improved body awareness & control.

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  • Gymnastics Lesson Plans – Reception & Year 1 [Download]

    6 FREE sample Gymnastics Lesson Plans designed for Year 1 and Reception/Foundation age children in mind.

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  • Pair & Trio Balances Poster Sample [Download]

    This free download contains a sample section from our ‘Pair & Trio Balances’ posters.

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  • Shuffle Up! Gymnastics Conditioning Game

    Have you ever wondered how gymnast flip and fly through the air so gracefully? The secret lies in the preparation, strength and conditioning. Now the cats out of the bag! So get ready to Shuffle Up with fun gymnastics based games that will get you moving like never before.

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  • Design Your Own Gymnastics Leotard For Girls; Downloadable Worksheet

    FREE downloadable worksheet; design your own leotard for girls to wear. Set your creative skills to work with this fun worksheet for gymnastics enthusiasts.


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  • Gymnastics Skills Word Search [Download]

    Looking for some gymnastics related activities? Why not try completing this WordSearch full of gymnastics shapes and skills!

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  • Gymnastics Judging Sheets [Download]

    This judging sheet download is available to print it out to rate each of your gymnastics skills from our Floor Skills book.

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  • Funditioning Gymnastics Conditioning Worksheet

    Funditioning; Gymnastics Conditioning Worksheet

    With a play on the word ‘Conditioning’ we have created this ‘Fun’ Gymnastics Conditioning Worksheet for gymnasts to record their progress.

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  • Gymnastics Apparatus/Equipment Word Search [Download]

    Looking for some gymnastics related activities? Why not try completing this WordSearch full of gymnastics items and apparatus you might use in training!

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  • Gymnastics Stretching Worksheet

    Gymnastics Stretching Worksheet

    Useful worksheet for gymnasts to keep track of their stretching progress. Choose a selection of stretches, add them to the worksheet and get practicing.

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  • Gymnastics Training Reflection Downloadable Worksheet FREE

    Reflect on your gymnastics lesson by filling out this free worksheet. Tracking what you’ve learnt, enjoyed, need to remember and your coaches feedback.

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  • ‘My Gymnastics Journey’ [Journal/Activity Book]

    This is the ultimate companion journal for every budding gymnast. Inside you will find everything you need to keep track of your gymnastics journey: training reflections, inspirations & role models, my thoughts, design your own leotard, and much more!

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  • Free Gymnastics Festival Pack

    This Gymnastics Festival for Schools’ has been put together with the current restrictions in mind. During a time when competitions are hard to run, we have carefully picked out skills for the children that are easy to manage but still challenge their range of abilities. The Festival has five different activities; Balancing, Rolling, Jumping, Gymnastics Skills and Flexibility. Each of the activities are clearly explained with a series of cards for you to print out, these contain full color pictures and clear teaching points. The festival pack also has an easy to use score sheet to record and track their achievements.

    The Festival pack uses many of the Head Over Heels Resources including the card based game Shuffle Up Gymnastics Conditioning.

    Looking to up-skill your Gymnastics Teaching? We have a Teachers specific online course; Teaching Gymnastics In PE

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  • Volume 1: Gymnastics Floor Skills Book

    Whether you’re a coach, PE teacher, parent or even a young gymnast yourself, this book contains everything you need to know about developing a range of essential gymnastics skills. The book is clearly described and illustrated. Emphasis is placed on clear, practical instructions.

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