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  • Pair & Trio Balances Gymnastics Posters [Download]

    We now have our pair & trio balances posters available for you to download here!

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  • Gymnastics Lesson Plans for Year 2

    Year 2 Gymnastics Lesson Plans

    This resource contains 7 Gymnastics Lesson Plans designed for Year 2 age children in mind. This lesson plan is broken down into a Learning Intention, Activity, Signs of Sucess, Evaluation and Improvement Opportunities.  New to teaching or an experienced teacher you will find new ideas to add or adapt into your gymnastics lesson plans.

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  • Year 3 Gymnastics Lesson Plans [Download]

    Year 3 gymnastics lesson plans contain six full lesson plans designed for Year 3 (age 7-8) children. This lesson plan is broken down into a ‘Learning Intention,’ ‘Activity,’ ‘Signs of Success,’ ‘Evaluation and Improvement Opportunities.’ Ideal for printing and used as gymnastic teaching materials.

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  • KS2 Gymnastics Cooperative Learning Unit

    KS2 Gymnastics Cooperative Learning Unit

    Brilliant KS2 gymnastics resource created by Ryan Ellis using images from our books. This resource is just one of many available from the PE Umbrella website where you can find a great range of PE activities, posters, re-flexion tools and much more.

    Ryan also has a hugely popular podcast that we were fortunate enough to feature on. If you would like to listen to the episode we featured in here is the link: Episode 117.

    You can view/print this document here: KS2 Gymnastics Cooperative Learning Unit

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