Gymnastics Mad Christmas Gift Guide!

Gymnastics Mums, look no further! We have produced the ultimate list of gymnastics gifts for 2017.

From bed sheets to training aids, there is nothing ‘GYMTASTIC!’ we haven’t looked at and trialled. We’ve challenged ourselves to unearth the hidden gems that may not yet be in your collection, in order to provide some inspiring gift ideas for the budding gymnast this Christmas.



  • TumblTrak – Handstand Homework Mat £173.57– if your little-one spends more time upside down than the right way up then this is the perfect present for your child.

    The Handstand Homework Mat stands up against a door, allowing the gymnast to handstand against the soft covering, without fear of hurting their feet on the wall.

    The package comes with an amazing 60-page guide to improve handstands, with a clear line of development from beginner gymnastics to more advanced skills.

    The mat also doubles as a cartwheel aid. On the reverse side, hand and foot positions have been printed to help perfect cartwheel technique.

    Not yet convinced? TumbleTrak have put together this great video showing you exactly how beneficial their mat can be:


Star Leotards Gymnastics Bedspreads

    • Star Leotards – Customised Bed Set £29 -This great Christmas gift will have your child living, breathing and dreaming about gymnastics. Star Leotards have put together these lovely sets of bedding, customised with your child’s’ name printed onto the design. For a personalised gift at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong here.


  • My Home Homework Block £60 – This is just one of the great products that My Home Gymnastics have to offer. The Homework Block is a brilliantly versatile piece of equipment, designed as a beginner, featuring two sets of hand prints to My Home Gymnastics Homework Blockencourage correct hand positions for a variety of skills including handstands, cartwheels and an introduction to round-offs. We tried the Block out earlier in the year with some of our novice gymnasts, who liked its size and printed hand placements. We found endless uses for this light easy to store piece of equipment. From cartwheeling over to balancing on and against we made some real progress with all of our gymnastics skills – here is some footage:


  • SG Gymnastics – Grips Bag – SG Gymnastics Wear Grip BagsThere are three universal truths: death, taxes, and gymnasts owning a truck-load of accessories. Be it grips, chalk, scrunchies, hair bands or clothing, SG Gymnastics’ bags are perfect for keeping all the oddments together. We love this design as it is bright and the quality is excellent. Bags like these are a must for any gymnast, and these bags are made to last.



  • Hasbro Fantastic Gymnastics Game £17.50 –   Hasbro have produced a fun, simple, gymnastics-themed toy, which we put through its paces to see if the price point was a fair one. The aim is deceptively straightforward: get the gymnast to swing around the bar, using the two buttons to build momentum. Two minutes after assembling the game, we’d somehow lost two hours. Its simple premise and impossibility to master is addictively moreish. While certainly not for the quick-to-surrender, the game’s challenging nature is a great quality. We’ll definitely be breaking this out as a Christmas evening party game.


  • Gymnastics Medal Hanger £22.99 -If you look around your house and wonder when it was that you robbed the awards table at the last competition you were at, then you could probably do with a medal hanger. This great little gift gives you a lovely way to showcase your child’s medals, and comes with all the fixings in place, ready for you to put up. As a child, I would have loved to see my medals lined up beside each other, instead of packed onto the nail I had begged my dad for! This hanger is sturdy, has plenty of room for lots of medals, and is genuine good value for money.

Books and DVD’s

  • Head Over Heels Gymnastics From £7.49-£12.99 -We’ve dedicated our time and resources into producing the quintessential how-to guide for young gymnasts. But, as there is just a dash of bias on our part here, don’t take our word for it! Check out our reviews at our REVIEW LINK. Our books and DVDs are written by gymnasts, for gymnasts. They’re specially designed to help improve gymnastic skills, from entry level all the way up to an experienced tier. If these aren’t yet sitting on your bookshelf, or in your DVD case, be sure to check them out!



  • Just4Gym 8ft Folding Gymnastics Beam £99.99 -We have partnered up with Just4Gym for a number of years, and currently have a great deal going on our gymnastics floor beam book and their 8ft floor beam. The reason that we like Just4Gym so much is for the quality of their products. The ergonomic craftsmanship and elegant style of their floor beam is among the best we’ve seen, and if you’re in the market for a floor beam, we couldn’t recommend Just4Gym’s product highly enough. For the ideal gift for the novice gymnast looking to improve their beam technique, look no further. Last year we went to visit Just4Gym in their workshop and made this short video:

We have tried our best to provide a range of different gymnastics gift ideas, and we hope that you liked the selection we found. From all of us at Head Over Heels, we wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Gemma and the Head Over Heels Team x

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