Childrens Book on gymnsatics
Childrens Book on gymnsatics

The launch of our Volume 1: Floor Skills DVD sending us Head Over Heels!



Following the success of Head Over Heels About Gymnastics Floor Skills and the accompanying App we decided to launch our first Gymnastics DVD. The lovely Harry and Charles from Plato Video worked tirelessly with us to create this fantastic addition to our growing collection of Gymnastics Books, Apps an now DVD’s.

Whether you’re a coach, PE teacher, parent or even a budding gymnast yourself, this DVD contains everything you need to know about developing a range of essential gymnastics skills.

High quality clips guide the gymnasts through a multitude of floor skills under the expert tuition of Gemma Coles, Head Coach of Head Over Heels Gymnastics. The clips break down the skills in detail with slow motion features for the more advanced skills. The featured gymnasts range in ability and provide achievable gymnastics results whether you are new to the sport or an advanced gymnast.

Check out this sample tutorial from our YouTube:

This is my son who was super excited to see his mummy on the TV!


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Gymnastics Learning Book

This book is a learning tool that helps children with the fundamental building blocks of gymnastics. This book teaches all of the basics for gymnastics, if you want a book that you can instantly pick up and have your child cartwheeling and getting active with then this is the book for you. The book is designed with all the correct techniques and endorsed by fully qualified gymnastics coaches currently teaching the sport.You will find this book helpful, easy to understand and fun.