Students love to play tag, so I like to use tag games as a reward for the last 5 minutes of class on days when we have time.

Description of Game:  Players begin game on the endline.  Divide the class into two groups (I usually use boy/girl groups).  For Valentine tag, the boys are called “Cupid” and the girls are called “Hearts”.  Two taggers begin in the middle of the playing area.  If the taggers call “Cupid”, the boys run across the gym to the opposite end line.  If they make it without being tagged, they are safe.  If they are tagged they sit down and make a heart shape with their arms or hands.  If taggers call “Hearts” the girls run across.  Tagged players may get back up if another player helps them, by touching their back as they run to the safe line.  If the taggers say “Happy Valentines Day” then all of the players run across.


  1. If you are tagged, you must sit down and make a heart shape with your body or arms.
  2. Players may help other tagged players by touching their back on their way to the safe line.
  3. Players may not argue with taggers.  If they do, they sit out for one minute and perform an exercise.
  4. Choose new taggers every 3 minutes.
  5. If players crashing into the end wall, slide on the floor, or move their body unsafely in any way, they do a “penalty” exercise of 10 push-ups.


  1. Change the names of the groups the second day you play this.  Use any words associated with Valentine’s Day such as candy, chocolate, flowers, red/pink. hugs/kisses, etc.


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