Quote; ‘Graphics are superb. Gymnastics correct. It would make a great gift for a young gymnast’

Thank you Rick for the review on your blog and for donating the book to one of the biggest gymnastics library’s in the world.

Rick Mc 1:41 am on May 20, 2013 Reply

Head Over Heels About Gymnastics

The author sent me a review copy.

Graphics are superb. Gymnastics correct. High quality paper and binding.

It would make a great gift for a young gymnast.

Head Over Heels About Gymnastics is a child friendly picture book written by Gemma Coles that introduces aspiring young gymnasts to the basics of gymnastics. Through photographs and easy to follow steps, the author guides you through the essential floor skills, and includes little helpful tips along the way!


… Overall I found this book very well written, and I would certainly recommend it to any parent interested with helping their young gymnast succeed.

Triple Twist

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Coach Gemma Coles runs a successful gymnastics club in the U.K.