New Year Goals for Head Over Heels Gymnastics.

2019 has arrived and we are buzzing to get started. In this blog we delve into our plans for the new year.

Arriving back to work on Monday morning after a relaxing Christmas holidays the first thing we did was to sit down and reflect, filming a live clip for our social media.

In this clip we announce our plans for the forthcoming year, discussing new products we are thinking about releasing. Including a potential conditioning book or game and a new journal.

We also talk about our educational plans for online courses for teachers, filming students in their lessons to see how we incorporate gymnastics into educational classes.

Gemma reflects on her own gymnastics club and its direction for 2019 along with plans for more conferences and overseas travel.

Jump into our plans by watching this video;  

What are your plans and goals for 2019? Whether you’re a coach, PE teacher, parent or even a budding gymnastics yourself, we would love to hear.

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