National Handstand Day 23rd June 2018

Time to celebrate being a gymnast, with international handstand day 2018. #internationalhandstandday

We couldn’t miss this monumental day on the gymnastics calendar and got our Apprentice Robin on the case with his training comrades at Olga Gymnastics and Trampolining. They smashed it by coming up a ridiculous amount of handstand ideas for National Handstand Day. Our favourite being the handstand kiss and handstand ‘lick’ which got the most amount of laughter. Here are the skills below…in no particular order.

1 Handstand ‘lick’

2 Handstand Kiss

3 Holding Hands Handstand

4 Handstand Walk

5 Handstand on Beam

6 Pike Lever Handstand

7 Elephant Lift

8 Pike Lift

10 Handstand Hold

11. Cartwheel to Handstand

12 Handstand Press-Up



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