The Gymnastics Tree, By Gemma Coles

Reading our blogs and finding yourself on a gymnastic website you will already know that I love gymnastics, however, you will not know that I also love trees. Growing from a tiny seed high up into the sky, changing with seasons and outliving everything surrounding, this fascinates me and leaves me marvelling at nature.

Trees have become symbolic in my life signifying how I feel about my husband and family, around my neck you will often find my favourite necklace. A silver swirl engraved with ‘ in unam arborem crescimus’ which translates to ‘together we are one tree’. This brings me comfort and strength by reminding me that no matter where we are or what we are doing we are rooted together as a family and the memories we share.

I have taken these two loves and attempted to write a gymnastics poem about how I feel the sport gives you confidence and teaches you many lessons to help you with life;

The Gymnastics Tree

A tiny seed falls into the idea of something new: a gymnastics class. The seed is nourished with the right soil, a comforting coach, a safe environment. The seed pushes up through the ground. A hesitant breath. A glance to its lofty peers, impossibly high. But then a nudge from below; dirt smiles that say ‘go’, and it does. Only tiptoes at first, then a step to the sky, then a leap. Growing with confidence. Grace. Sprouting new leaves and branches. It twirls as it goes, each confident curl placing bravery bark on its once-fragile stem; a trunk of tricks. Some branches grow with ease and others are challenged with the weather of life. Some skills come naturally, while others are battered by the wind of doubt, the nature of the tree, or the need to grow before they can flourish. As the years pass by, the tree grows stronger, the branches become impressive and a wonder to watch unfurl. Each new branch rising up through the sky pushes through barriers that the seed doubted would ever be overcome. At last the tree stands tall above the seedlings, strong, proud, experienced and confident. The skills are rooted to the foundation of repetition and success. Confidence soars up into the sky, reaching taller towards the clouds, and culminates in a beautiful blossom. Where talent and hard work flourishes, with the leaves and gymnast on top of the world.

By Gemma Coles and Will Gillingham

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