Gymaid Air Beam Review

Oh my goodness did we have some fun with the 3m and 5m Air Beam from Gymaid! It felt a bit like Christmas when the package came through. I asked a gym mum if I could use her house and children and her immediate response was yeeeeesss I am sure they would love to trial it…. when? Today, tomorrow I am sure as soon as they find out they have been asked they will want to do it straight away…. It was scheduled in for the nearest date we could both do, the lounge was cleared (including the two dogs) to make space for the new kit and hey presto before we could blink they were getting it out of the box.Air Beam

Left to their own devices they found it extremely easy to get out and pump up, however in hindsight they could have blown the beam up more. They were cautious and didn’t want to over inflate it however having tried it again since you need to fill it more than you think it can cope with the pressure.

The air beam came rolled up together and would easily fit under a bed or in a cupboard and the pump was in a cellophane package. The pump we had was akin to your usual blow up bed pump and the girls took turns to push it up and down. It was very quick to inflate and voila it was ready for the tricks.

Warm up went out the window with excitement and flicks, rolls and leaps were high on the agenda before they realised there was a coach in the house… me! With a quick mobility warm up and a reminder about what was safe in a home environment they were off again.

It was a huge hit and we did a Facebook live video where we asked for requests, the gymnasts were amazing and below is a video featuring the two girls Morgan and Katie (Awesome Gymstars!);

Mum and Dad became fans and could see how much it benefited the girls having a great training aid for at home. The beam can be a daunting piece of equipment, so with this wider softer aid, we could see their confidence grow. With my coaches head on I do wonder how transferable the skills you learn on this would be to beam as the gymnasts can’t grip around the beam and the surface is much more forgiving than the hard beam. However, I was sold on value for money, fun factor and durability.

If you are looking to make your gymnasts day with a new training aid this one is perfect. Or if like me you are a gymnastics coach continually looking for new training aids this one would be perfect for building confidence and can be easily transported.

For all details on the 3m Air Beam from Gymaid please visit their site;

Gymaid have also very kindly donated a 3m Air Beam as a prize for our latest competition. If you would like to enter you can do so below;

Head Over Heels Air Beam Giveaway from Gymaid

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