Fabulous Gymnastics Primer
This review is from: Head Over Heels About Gymnastics: Floor Skills (Kindle Edition)
This non-fiction picture book is actually a handbook for learning gymnastics! With clear photographs to illustrate each move, this book begins with stretches, then into different moves (including cartwheels and handstands and the more difficult flips) and finally into full gymnastic routines. The book ends with “judging” forms to help parents teach, guide and rate their little gymnasts.

Reading this book reminds me that I want to teach my child how to do a cartwheel! Now I have the stretches and words to actually accomplish this goal. Well-done!

Storyline: 4.0 It’s non-fiction, but it’s well organized
Illustrations: 5.0 clear photographs and diagrams
Total: 4.5

~Valerie Harmon, The Kindle Book Review