Following on from the success of our Shuffle Up Gymnastics Conditioning game we have partnered with Rippa Rugby to create a new rugby game. Like our gymnastics version it encourages young rugby players to get moving in exciting ways, whilst teaching core principles of strength and conditioning that are often neglected at grassroots level.

With the vast experience we have in the gymnastics industry, we understand the importance of strength and conditioning in sport. Using this knowledge the game has been specifically designed to minimise the risk of injury to rugby players, encouraging them to strengthen their core, giving them increased stability on the pitch. We spend a lot of time working on this in Gymnastics but this isn’t always the case with recreational rugby. So it is immensely exciting to bring this game to grass roots rugby and share this knowledge with other coaches and players

Gemma commented: “I want to see grass roots rugby clubs working on their strength and conditioning with smiles on their faces. I want to see them enjoying these sessions and not finding them a chore”

Each card within the rugby game relates to movements preformed on a rugby pitch, so that players benefit from thier efforts on the pitch. The game includes 70+ different cards, with each one demonstrating the correct technique of the movement, along with step-by-step guidelines for rep ranges and difficulty levels. Therefore enabling all coaches and players at any level access to top tips and coaching points to work on correct technique.

Having the help of Rippa Rugby ment we had access to a sporting expert in their respective field. The Rugby game was launched with help from Level 2 RFU coach, Stuart Gallacher. Stuart also owns Rippa Rugby, a business dedicated to coaching rugby in schools across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

The Bournemouth Rugby coach added: “As a rugby coach I wanted to find a way to grow the sport from the ground up, as rugby isn’t always as accessible as other sports. We needed to find a way of reaching out to young children, and future players, to introduce them to our game in a fun and exciting way.”

“We have taken standard exercises that most children and adults know how to do, like star jumps and lunges, and made them specific to rugby. We looked at core skills in the sport such as catching, passing, kicking and defending and then added them to the game in a fun and motivating way.”

Rugby is a sport for everyone, and with this collaboration we hope to make the strength and conditioning element of the sport accessible to all. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Stuart and thank him and his club for their support on this project.

Please visit our Rugby Skills and Fitness Game to find out more about this great new edition to the hugely popular series of games.

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