360 Air Gymnastics Club – Gymnast Reviews Our Beam Book

360air Trampoline and Gymnastics Club chose 9-year-old Naomi to kindly put together a floor beam book review for us.🤸

360 Air are working with us to raise funds for their club so anyone making a purchase on our website don’t forget to use the club code GYM003

Naomi’s Review

360 Air Gymnastics Club Reviews Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books📚What is the book about?
A book to show you instructions and tips to learn new mounts, skills, dismounts and even routines on the floor beam. It has beautiful clear pictures and writing to guide you through each skill from start to finish.

What was your favourite part?
The routines!

It was fun to get the chance to join some of the skills up.

😀Did you have fun using the book?
Yes! I loved the tips to help me try new moves. It inspired me to try my own routines!

🆕Did you learn anything new?
Of course! The straddle shoulder stand mounts being the best of the new things!

👐Would you recommend & why?
Yes! Because it has really good explanations of what to do. If you really like gymnastics especially the beam then this is definitely the right book for you. There are some harder skills for more advanced gymnasts and not as hard for beginners and younger gymnasts.

🌟What star rating would you give it?

Thank you again to Naomi and 360Air for this lovely floor beam book review 😊


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