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What Do Our Customers Say?

The illustrations on each page are superb, showing very clearly how to create the move or stretch in colourful glossy pictures and with very useful hints and tips attached to help give you a better idea how to achieve them and also showing you how NOT to do them, to avoid strains or injury. This is an excellent book to use to encourage your children into gymnastics, it’s easy to follow, beautifully written and an awful lot of fun.

Hayley Thornton

This a really clear, concise book covering lots of basic gymnastic skills and shapes. The real pictures are very useful for parents and gymnasts to see the correct positions they are aiming for. Full of hints and tips. Would recommend for beginners and improvers, and for parents to help their children at home. Stands up on its own and is fun and easy to read!

The App is clearly set out, in the same way as the book. Enabling you to jump from the contents page to the relevant sections within the app. There is a list of sections available within a small menu bar at the top of the App which enables you to move easily around the book. You can also bookmark and share info within the App too.

What a brilliant book. My daughter loves it and the positions demonstrated in the book are really easy for my daughter to practice. She loves it. Perfect for the budding gymnast to practice and improve their skills. I would certainly recommend it


My 8yr old daughter absolutely loves these book!! Having been offered a place in a squad, and training several hours a week. We found this book a godsend in helping her learn the gymnastics terminology, and by showing simple clear instructions. Fantastic design, which means it can sit right next to you to flip through.

What an amazing resource for young gymnasts! Fabulous, easy to understand pictures and explanations .... totally recommend

Very clear, very instructional and the booklet stand actually stands! Has it been taking lessons from Gemma? There is also a lot of progress in each booklet so parents do not have to keep buying yet another volume to keep up. I like the score sheets where gymnasts can keep a check on their own shaping and learning.

We have an adopted child with attachment disorder. She has one of your books and has been using it at home for two years now, knows it off by heart, but still studies every page before doing the moves! We also received the Gymnastics Journal at Christmas and it is her new most favourite book! She is busy filling it all in. She is now 10 and competes with Stewartry Gymnastics Club, Gymnastics has brought her a new confidence and having the pictures in front of her at home has helped her loads!

Sara Campbell Dodds

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