Shuffle Up! Football Fitness Game


Football mad!?…..if the answer is…. YES then you will love this! With its 14 great games and its 70+ fitness activities there are endless possibilities to improve your skills away from the pitch.

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After the huge success of our Gymnastics Game; Shuffle Up we are thrilled to have diversified into the hugely popular sport of Football. ‘Shuffle Up’ Football Fitness Game has taken the core elements of fitness exercises and added footwork skills to create this fantastic version of an already popular game. Encouraging children and adults of all ages and abilities to learn exercises that can maximise their impact on the pitch.

This fun-packed football game starts with the 70+ skills cards providing full-colour photographs, which clearly demonstrate the correct body positions and technique required for each exercise. 14 games cards detail how to challenge yourself, your team of footballers, children in your class or even your parents!

The skill and game cards are born out of years of teaching and coaching experience with step-by-step guidelines for rep ranges and difficulty levels.

This football game can and should be used by anyone and everyone: your experienced coach looking to mix things up, teachers in their lessons and parents at home who want to increase their child’s physical activity/ability levels. So grab your football, shuffle it up and get started!


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