Hello, my name is Gemma Coles and I am the founder of Head Over Heels Gymnastics. I have taken my 20 years of gymnastics coaching knowledge and passionately created a user-friendly selection of books, games, resources and online courses for teachers. 

Having worked in schools for the whole of my career I have immersed myself in educational gymnastics and been really lucky to have worked with some inspirational teachers. These teachers were extremely kind to me when I first went from a club environment where the ratios were 1:8 to suddenly teaching 1:30. I quickly realised that although I was knowledgeable in gymnastics I QUICKLY needed a class control tool-kit! Many of the teachers I worked with were generous in sharing their techniques and knowledge and I quickly adapted to the educational demands of a whole class.

Through working closely with these teachers I came to realise that I also had something to offer in return. I had an in-depth knowledge of a tricky sport and hence I started to create the resources and put on workshops for teachers to return the favour and share my knowledge. I have been very fortunate to run a number of successful workshops in the Uk and be asked to work internationally at a number of conferences. These opportunities have enabled me to meet many inspiring teachers and I look forward to building relationships with my online students too.

I hope you find this course useful, please reach out to me if you have any questions.
Gemma Coles

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