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Looking for some gymnastics gifts for a gymnastics stocking filler? You’ve come to the right place….this gymnastics stocking filler package is sure to be the best gymnastics gift package you can buy for your budding gymnast this year, the contents found in here are sure to keep them ‘head over heels’ for hours on end.


Looking for a bundle of gymnastics gifts for an energetic gymnast? You’ve come to the right place….this gymnastics brilliant bundle is sure to be the best gymnastics gift package you can buy for a budding gymnast this year. The contents found in here are sure to keep them ‘head over heels’ for hours on end.

Volume 1: Floor Skills

What’s Inside? Volume 1 begins with example warmups and stretches, moving on to cover posture and all basic gymnastics shapes, which are instrumental in performing more complex skills. These skills are then covered in the next sections; ‘Jumps’, ‘Skills’, ‘Rolls’ and ‘Leaps’. Bringing all of these skills together, the book then demonstrates how combined, these skills can be used to create routines. Age & Ability: This edition is aimed at children aged 5+ it is a must-have for gymnasts starting out in their gymnastics career, wanting to perfect the fundamental skills. Key Skills Developed: Strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, confidence, improved body awareness & control.

Volume 2: Pair & Trio Balances

What’s Inside? Volume 2 takes some of the key aspects covered in Volume 1 and incorporates them into pair and trio balances. This book ranges in difficulty from more simple ‘One Foot Stand’ balances to the very complex ‘Handstand Balances’, ‘Flying Angel’ balances and many more. Age & Ability: We recommend this book for children aged 6+ and encourage younger and older children (or even parent/child) to work together. Therefore this book is suitable for gymnasts with little experience all the way through to advanced gymnasts as well! Key Skills Developed: Communication, cooperation, teamwork, trust, strength, balance and body tension.

Volume 3: Floor Beam

What’s Inside?  Volume 3 Floor Beam shares with you everything you need to master the essential beam skills, making this challenging piece of equipment achievable. Created primarily for those who own a gymnastics beam, or have a tape/line along the floor to follow. It begins by walking you through basic skills such as mounts and dismounts, walk steps, chasses and bunny jumps. From this, it then progresses to more advanced skills such as cartwheels, walkovers and levers. Bringing together all of the skills we also provide exciting routines for you to practice. Age & Ability: We recommend that this book is suitable for children ages 8+. Key Skills Developed: Balance, concentration, artistic gymnastics, mounting, dismounting and linking skills together.

Shuffle Up

Have you ever wondered how gymnast flip and fly through the air so gracefully? The secret lies in the preparation, strength and conditioning. Now the cats out of the bag! So get ready to Shuffle Up with fun gymnastics based games that will get you moving like never before.

My Gymnastics Journey

This is the ultimate companion gymnastics journal for every budding gymnast. Inside you will find everything you need to keep track of your gymnastics journey: training reflections, competition tables, a dream list, and much more!

Write everything down inside this gymnastics journal and watch as you progress into a better gymnast. Every time you open it, you’re going to be slightly better than you were before. You might not realise it, but between closing and opening this gymnastics journal you will have learnt something. Perhaps you’ve just got back from the club training, or a competition or you’ve done 10 more repetitions of your latest skill. Perhaps you’ve seen an amazing beam routine, or asked your coach to explain a skill, or bought a new leotard. Everything you do is making you better and now it will be documented for you to look back at and reflect on. Grab your copy, open the first page, and get started. What are you waiting for?


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