Childrens Book on gymnsatics
Childrens Book on gymnsatics

8ft Folding Gymnastics Floor Beam and Brand New Beam Book




hoh-10-005web-min-18ft Black Floor Beam and Brand New Beam Book – £99.99


What should you be looking for when you purchase a Gymnastics Floor Beam for your child?

With the launch of our new Gymnastics Book and the popularity of Floor Beams we thought it would be helpful to give you some advice and recommendations for buying a new floor beam.

What to look for:

  • Fire resistant materials
  • Professionally upholstered
  • The width of the beam to be larger at the bottom than the top as this minimises the risk of the beam tipping over, insuring the safety of the gymnast.
  • The hinge should be narrower than the beam to ensure the gymnast doesn’t catch their feet on the hinge.
  • Recommended 1/2 inch fire retardant foam on top of the beam
  • A light Beam which is less likely to snap together when folded and pinch fingers
  • Manufactured in the Uk (this may or may not matter to you)
  • Not a solid wood design that can quickly warp


With the introduction of apparatus into our books we have teamed up with Just4Gym to give you the ultimate gift package for your budding gymnast;

8ft Black Floor Beam and our BRAND NEW BOOK!

We have chosen Just4Gym because their beams meet all the above standards that we feel are vital for the perfect beam. We like their unique design, the quality of materials and the one years manufacturers guarantee. The beams are extremely stable and durable and we have tried and tested them in our club.

If you would like to purchase the beam and book use this button;

hoh-10-005web-min-18ft Black Floor Beam and Brand New Beam Book – £99.99


So after all the hard work and anticipation we are thrilled to now have this great addition to the series available for you to purchase.;


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Head Over Heels About Gymnastics Floor Beam £11.99

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Gymnastics Learning Book

This book is a learning tool that helps children with the fundamental building blocks of gymnastics. This book teaches all of the basics for gymnastics, if you want a book that you can instantly pick up and have your child cartwheeling and getting active with then this is the book for you. The book is designed with all the correct techniques and endorsed by fully qualified gymnastics coaches currently teaching the sport.You will find this book helpful, easy to understand and fun.