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In this Head Over Heels App Review, Helen and “Chatterbox” at Kiddycharts had a great time playing with our App and Floor Skills Book.
We sent Helen a book and App for her and her children to review, they awarded us a great 9/10. Her daughter “Chatterbox” put the App through its paces as you can see from the pictures…
The challenging stretches within head over heels about gymnastics ere, of course, the first things my daughter tried to have a go out...and OUCH!
We are hitting some shapes for the head over heels about gymnastics review - this is the long sit, which my daugher is doing rather beautifully if I do say so myself...


We are showing off our skills for head over heels about gymnastics - this is the candlestick apparently...

The review is honest and fair highlighting the many positives of the App in great detail as well as noting the flip side. Pointing out that with a great deal of content contained within the App it is timely to download.

Thank you very much Helen and “Chatterbox” at Kiddycharts

Follow this link to read the full review written by Helen Neale from Kiddycharts

Getting kids active through head over heels gymnastics smart app