Childrens Book on gymnsatics
Childrens Book on gymnsatics

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Are you are looking for the perfect gift for a budding gymnast? If you are…. look no further you have found our ‘Cartwheelingly’ Spectacular Gymnastics Books and Dvd Gift Package!

Just £24.99 ( RRP £36.97)

Why is your budding gymnast going to love this package?

  • Covers all of the crucial building blocks that make a successful gymnast
  • Over a hundred balances to perform with friends
  • Full range of modern high definition photographs
  • Clear insightful coaching hints and top tips
  • Thumbs up Progress charts to track development
  • High quality detailed video clips breaking down each skill
  • Slow motion video feature for advanced skills
  • Achievable results whether you are new to the sport or an experienced gymnast
  • Hours of fun for both children and parents

One of the many clips featured on the Dvd:

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Gymnastics Learning Book

This book is a learning tool that helps children with the fundamental building blocks of gymnastics. This book teaches all of the basics for gymnastics, if you want a book that you can instantly pick up and have your child cartwheeling and getting active with then this is the book for you. The book is designed with all the correct techniques and endorsed by fully qualified gymnastics coaches currently teaching the sport.You will find this book helpful, easy to understand and fun.